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How can I win the game?

During the game collect more victory points as the other players! Develop your city by expanding your economy!

But beware of the climate impacts. If global warming rises above 2°C, climate change will be unstoppable. Then the game is lost for everyone!

How do I get victory points?

Build factories. For every factory you get one victory point. You earn money with your factories every year. Black factories are cheap and cause greenhouse gases. This speeds up climate change.

Fulfill political demands. Citizens and lobby groups will try to influence your decisions. When you fulfill there demands, you earn (secret) victory points.

How to advance my city?

The climate conference- Every few years, the UN negotiates the policies that directly affect your economy and the climate. Your vote influences the outcome of the conference.

Protect your city from climate change. Increase the Adaptation of your city! This could be for example dikes against floods.

You can knock down factories. You can quickly recover some money by this. But be careful: you lose the earned victory points as well.

Support  research. Investing in new technologies will make your factories cheaper. Of course you have the choice to explore technologies for black and green factories!

Your money ran out? Or do you want to persuade other players to cooperate trough a "present"? Then use the function "transfer money".

What is displayed here?

The game starts in year 2000. Then the clock is ticking until the game time is up!

Here you can see how much greenhouse gas your factories emit.

With climate change, negative consequences such as storms appear more frequent and get stronger. They can damage any city.

Here you can see how the progress of global warming. Every black factories in the world accelerates global warming.

How can I form alliances with others?

Chat with other players. Discuss political issues, negotiate and convince other cities to better achieve your goals.

You are not alone - get in contact with other cities! Visit them on the world map. Look at their activities.